Family Genealogy the Modern Way

Don Bauder

December, 2001 - February, 2002

I almost lost it… that is, I almost lost the computerized genealogy data from the 1st and 2nd editions of "One Big Family"!

The 1st and 2nd editions were produced on an Apple IIe computer using the program, "Lineages", for the genealogy data and "Pie Writer" for word processing (histories, intro, index, etc.). Neither of these programs was able to export information to other file formats, so the data and text were "trapped" on 5 1/4" floppy disks that could only be read by the programs that created them.

Because "Pie Writer" became obsolete, all of the text material has been retyped. Because of the poor image quality in the early editions, all of the pictures (I still had them) have been rescanned. Text and pictures were combined using Microsoft Publisher 2000. You can judge the results for yourself as you check out the histories that have been posted.

The genealogy software program, "Lineages", is also obsolete and no longer published or updated. Neither is its successor program, "Family Roots". In fact, the publisher of these programs, Quinsept, Inc., went out of business in 1997. Worse yet, "Lineages" was not able to export files to any format that could be used by modern computers.

Internet research and a bit of luck led me to Ms. Kathryn Bassett, who lives in California and was the southern California sales rep for Quinsept before it folded. She is able to convert "Lineages" Apple IIe computer data to a format that can be read by "The Master Genealogist", the program that I will be using for the genealogy data in the 3rd edition.
As of the end of January, 2002, I have sent to Ms. Bassett copies of the "Lineages" program disks, 17 data disks, and extra 5 1/4" floppy disks (you can't buy them anymore) that she needs to do the data conversion.

When I get the converted files back from Ms. Bassett, I will be able to import them into "The Master Genealogist" program on my PC and the data for 1600+ Grotelueschen family members and descendants will have been saved. (And, I won't have to type in all that data again!)

What then? The genealogy data needs to be updated. Information about births, deaths, marriages, etc., that have happened since 1988 needs to be gathered and entered into the computer records. This will be done by contacting family members in various descendant lines. More about the information gathering process later….

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