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Hinrich Grotelueschen (Johann Georg’s father) was born to Hinrich Grote-
lueschen and Gesche Asche Grotelueschen on December 29, 1769.  Since he was
the first born son of Hinrich and Gesche, he was guaranteed the right to farm the
land as was the custom in Germany at that time.  Hinrich’s younger brother A. Jo-
hann immigrated to America with his new bride, Anna (Loseke), in May of 1866.
Many joys and blessings came to the Hinrich Grotelueschen family through
the years.  The list in Luther’s explanation to the first article elaborates:  “house,
home, wife, children, fields, cattle, and all my goods.”
The Grotelueschens
abounded in these bless-
ings, but they also suffered
many hardships.  Hinrich
married Catharina Margare-
tha Ruther on November 27,
1851.  Hinrich and Cath-
erina had five children. 
Their oldest son, Heinrich,
died when he was five years
old.  In 1888 two of
Heinrich’s sons, Fritz and
Ludwig, who had immi-
grated to Arlington, Ne-
braska, died in a barn fire. 
Lina, the only daughter of
Hinrich and Catherina,
came to America and set-
tled near Leigh, Nebraska,
where she married Henry
Johann Georg
(Georg), the fourth son of
Hinrich, stayed in Germany. 
He and his wife, Helene
Hagelman Grotelueschen,
became the parents of six
children.  Georg made plans
several times in his life to
visit America, but he always
lost heart and preferred not
to leave his family.  At one
time Georg even purchased
a new pair of shoes for the
Three of Hinrich Grotelueschen’s children
(from left to right)
Fredrick (Fritz) Grotelueschen
Ludwig (Louie) Grotelueschen
Lina Grotelueschen Hillen
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