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Heinrich Grotelueschen was the first born child of Hinrich and Catherine
Ruther Grotelueschen.  He was born on October 23, 1852, and died on December
12, 1857, at the age of five years.  The cause of his death is not known.
Fredrick Grotelueschen was
second born to Hinrich and Catherine
Ruther Grotelueschen.  He was born at
Haast-Sage, Oldenburg, Germany on
October 20, 1854.  Fredrick left for the
United States in 1872, and never re-
turned home or established contact
with his relatives in Germany through
the rest of his life.
Fredrick was known as Fritz to
his friends and family.  He was married
to Mathilda Frese and had three chil-
dren from this union.  Ida Louise was
born on February 26, 1882; Wilh was
born May 18, 1883; Emma Rosa was
born on February 28, 1886.  Fredrick
and Mathilda purchased a farm 1 1/2
miles northeast of Arlington, Nebraska,
which they farmed together in the pio-
neer way.
Ludwig, Fredrick’s younger
brother, was born on November
30, 1857, and arrived in America in
1874.  Ludwig came to Arlington
and stayed with Fredrick’s family,
helping out as a hired man.
Fredrick and Mathilda Frese Grotelueschen
Ludwig Grotelueschen
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