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Minna Elise is the youngest of the
eleven children of A. Johann and Anna
Catherine Loseke Grotelueschen.  She
was born on October 23, 1892, at the fam-
ily homestead in Bismark Township of
Platte County, Nebraska.  She was edu-
cated nearby at District #15 in the German
and English language.  She received her
Christian instruction at Christ Lutheran
German School.  Minna was confirmed on
March 24, 1907, along with seventeen
other young people.
Minna, as was true of all pioneer
children, helped with farm chores such as
gardening, milking cows, tending chick-
ens, and housekeeping duties.  Minna and
her sister Bertha also helped with the
housework of their brother Adolph after
the death of his first wife, Mathilda.
Social events were reserved for the
weekends.  Bible class and hymn sings
were held at the parochial school on Fri-
day nights from fall through spring.  Satur-
day was spent cleaning and baking (in
other words, getting ready for Sunday). 
Church services were attended on Sunday
mornings.  Sunday afternoons were re-
served for visits to or by relatives and their
families.  On occasion there were Sunday
evening parties held at the homes of young
adults.  In the summertime children played outdoor games such as “Farmer in the
Dell” and “London Bridge is Falling Down.”  Indoor games such as “Please or Dis-
please” or card games were played by the young adults at winter parties.
Minna met Frederick William Kant when he worked for her brother Otto. 
They had 1 1/2 years of courtship before they were married at Christ Lutheran
Church on February 27, 1916.  A wedding supper was held at Otto and Bertha
Korte’s home following the wedding ceremony.  Minna and Fred moved to a farm
south of Christ Lutheran Church.  In the ensuing years they lived on various farms
in Platte County.  Five children were born to Fred and Minna:  Margaret, Carroll,
Elvin, Hilda, and Mildred.  They followed the practice of all farm families of that time
by eating what they produced.  The skills Minna learned at home as a young lady
were put to good use.  Social events were reserved for weekends, with Sunday af-
ternoon visiting with relatives being the primary activity.  Throughout the summer
months all day mission festivals at area churches were attended by the Kant family.
Minna Elise Grotelueschen Kant
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