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Rosa Hermine Lueschen
was the ninth born child of Anna
Catherine and A. Johann Grote-
lueschen.  Rosa was born in the
new white frame house on the
Grotelueschen homestead on June
5, 1885.  She attended the local
public school and received her
Christian education at Christ Lu-
theran German School.  Rosa was
married to Carl (Henry) Lueschen
at Christ Lutheran Church on
March 13, 1904.
Rosa and Henry’s lives cen-
tered around Christ Lutheran
Church.  Rosa was a charter mem-
ber of the Ladies Aid and looked
forward to going to the meetings. 
Their four children, Hulda, Elsie,
Lorene, and Ernst, were all bap-
tized at Christ Lutheran.  Hulda,
Elsie, and Lorene received their
Christian education at Christ Lu-
theran School and were confirmed
at Christ Lutheran Church.
Rosa worked to help her
family in many ways.  She raised
chickens and had many cluck hens
setting on eggs in the spring. 
Rosa’s daughter Elsie went out in
the evening and shut up all of the
chicken coops.  Rosa and Elsie
would make an interesting game of
this chore.
Rosa was a good seamstress.  She sewed all her own clothes, sewing for her
children as well.  She made confirmation dresses for her nieces and helped with
the sewing of wedding dresses for her relatives.
Apple, cherry, and mulberry trees grew in the large orchard on Rosa and
Henry’s farm.  Rosa picked the apples and made delicious apple pies that were
long remembered by her grandchildren.  She served the cherries and mulberries
with cream.  There were grape vines in the garden.  The juicy, purple grapes made
good eating and tasty preserves.
Henry and Rosa Grotelueschen Lueschen
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