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August Otto Grotelueschen was seventh born of A. Johann and Anna Cath-
erine Loseke Grotelueschen’s eleven children.  He was born September 4, 1881, on
the family homestead farm in Bismark township.  He was called Otto by his family
and friends.  He was educated in District #15 school and received his Christian
education at Christ Lutheran German School.
Otto was married in 1909 to
(Teltha) Minna Dirks, a native of
Sherman township.  Minnie, as she
was called by all who knew her
well, lived with Otto in the home-
stead farmhouse.  At the time of
Otto and Minna’s marriage, Otto’s
mother, Anna Catherine, built a
second frame house on the same
homestead place.  She moved
from the homestead house into the
newly built frame house with her
two daughters, Bertha and Minna.
Otto and Minnie were mar-
ried in Christ Lutheran Church. 
Otto and Minnie had no children
born to them.  They lived a simple,
quiet life until the time of Minnie’s
death on June 30, 1921.  Minnie’s
death at age 35 was caused by a
heart attack.  Otto and Minnie had
been married 12 years at the time
of her death.  He carried his love
and memory of her with him for the
rest of his life.
Otto carried on general ag-
ricultural pursuits, raising grain
and livestock.  Otto took special
interest in caring for the chickens. 
He inherited the three hundred
and twenty acres of land that be-
longed to his father.  Otto had a
love for cars and always sported a
good, new car.  He took much
pride in the cars he owned and
spent many hours keeping them in
immaculate condition.
Otto and Minna Dirks Grotelueschen
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