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On April 28, 1879, Emil Henry
Grotelueschen was born, sixth child of
eleven, to A. Johann and Anna Loseke
Grotelueschen at their homestead house
northeast of Columbus, Nebraska.  Emil
was married to Rosa Sophia Wilke on Feb-
ruary 20, 1908, at Christ Lutheran
Church.  Emil and Rosa were children of
German immigrants from Oldenburg, Ger-
many.  They both grew up in the Christ Lu-
theran community in Bismark Township in
Platte County, Nebraska.  Rosa and Emil
were baptized, confirmed, married, and
buried at Christ Lutheran Church.  They
attended the Christ Lutheran German
School for their Christian education.
Emil and Rosa lived all of their mar-
ried life on a farm six miles south of Leigh,
Nebraska.  This farm of 160 acres had
been purchased by Emil’s father, A. Jo-
hann, on April 15, 1898, for $4,452.00
from Fritz Otte’s brother, Heinrich Otte,
who returned to Germany.  Included in the
price were an old house, horse barn, and
granary.  On the southeast corner of this
property were a Methodist Church and a
Wilson Rural Post Office.  Emil and Rosa
moved to this farm in 1908 when they were married.  In 1912, a three story house
with five bedrooms was built   It was located just east of the old house and cost
$2,500.00.  The new house has been remodeled a number of times in the years
since 1912.  At this writing in 1985 Clarence and Martin, sons of Emil and Rosa, are
living in it.
Emil and Rosa had nine children whose names are Clarence, Velma, Gilbert,
Edna, Anna, Evelyn, Eugene, Rose Marie, and Martin.  All nine children were bap-
tized and confirmed at Christ Lutheran and attended the upper grades in Christ Lu-
theran School under the excellent teaching of E. A. Buchholz.  Emil and Rosa held
Mr. Buchholz in high esteem and never questioned his wisdom, at least not to the
knowledge of any of their nine children.
Christ Lutheran School was 6 miles from the home place of Emil and Rosa. 
Because of the great distance from Christ Lutheran, the older children attended a
public school 1/4 of a mile from their home while they were in the lower grades.  All
the children were instructed in the Christian doctrines as well as in the secular sub-
jects with the help of Aunts Lena and Rosa, Grandma Wilke, a pony, a buggy, a
Emil and Rosa Wilke Grotelueschen
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