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Sunday afternoons were special times when the family would have fun. 
Sometimes, the neighbor’s children would walk over and play cards or just “mess”
around outside and climb on the hay stacker.  Sometimes, the relatives would come
over.  Lizzie and her sisters would often talk about how many eggs their chickens
laid and how much they “got for them” when they sold them in town.  During the
30’s it was usually about 10 cents a dozen.
Imagine what it was like without TV.  Bill and Lizzie owned a battery oper-
ated radio which the family would listen to on Sundays if they didn’t have company. 
Bill often turned on the radio and listened to religious programs and sermons.
During World War II, Melvin was
drafted into the army.  He was in the U. S.
Infantry Division.  In 1944, Melvin came
home on furlough before he went to Europe. 
He was killed in the Normandy invasion in
France in June, 1944.  The family was sad-
dened when his mother, Lizzie, received the
telegram about his death.  Melvin was sorely
missed by his family, but they believed that
God heals all wounds and took comfort that
he was with Jesus.
Ella and Rosetta went to Omaha, Ne-
braska, to work.  Ruth joined them in 1942. 
Rosetta did housework, and Ella and Ruth
worked as waitresses.  They worked at
Brandeis and in the Benson area of Omaha. 
Ella died of cancer in 1954.  Rosetta and
Ruth did not have a car so they had to get to
work on buses and street cars.  Rosetta
continued to do housework.  She worked for
doctor’s wives, retired sheriff’s wives, etc.;
most of her employers were very good to her.  Ruth attended business college for
nine months where she studied typing, English, and filing.  Soon after graduation
from business college she got a job at a Savings and Loan Company from which
she retired in 1982 after 21 years of work.  Rosetta also retired in 1982, and both
Rosetta and Ruth now live in an apartment in Columbus, Nebraska, with Bernard.
Lizzie passed away in 1964.  He daughter, Erna, passed away in 1971, and
Dorothea (Dora) joined them in heaven in 1985.  Bertha, the only family member
who married, lives in a house she shared with her husband until his death in 1979.
THOSE WERE THE DAYS!!  The Bill Loseke family lived through them and
thank God for his help and blessings.
written by Ruth Loseke, daughter of Louisa Grotelueschen Loseke
PFC Melvin Loseke—1943
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