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Grades 1-4 at Christ Lutheran
School were held in a small room in the
church basement.  Grades 5-8 were lo-
cated in the now-demolished white school
house east of the cemetery.  The five older
children were confirmed at Christ Lu-
theran by Pastor Richard Kuehnert, while
the 3 younger were confirmed by Pastor
H. L. Bornemann.
Tragedy hit the Bill Loseke family in
the year Ruth was confirmed.  Bill Loseke
passed away on June 14, 1936, at the age
of 65.  The family had a financial struggle
at this time.  Ruth was not able to go to
high school because of the financial prob-
lems brought on by the death of her father
and the depression.
Temperatures in the years 1935-
1938 went up to 110 degrees in the sum-
mer.  There was very little rain in summer
during those years.  The grasshoppers
were a plague to the farmers in the Colum-
bus area because they would eat up much
of the crops.  Those depression years will
always be remembered for the hot sum-
mers and cold winters.
In order to survive during the depression, the family of Bill Loseke had to
grow or raise all of their food.  Lizzie always had a big garden.  The produce from
the garden was canned so it could be used to feed the family during the rest of the
year.  The family was very poor, but
there was always food to eat, even
though it took a lot of food to feed the
large family.
Lizzie raised a large number of
chickens which were taken care of by
her daughter, Erna, and herself.  Erna
usually gathered the eggs.  Some-
times some of the little chickens
would get caught in a rainstorm and
become cold and sick.  Erna would
bring in the little chicks and carefully
put them in a warm oven in the family
kitchen.  The heat of the warm oven
would usually bring the chicken back
to good health.
Children of Bill and Lizzie Loseke
      from left to right:
back:  Dorothea, Erna
front:  Ella, Melvin, Bernard
   Doing chores…
left to right:  Rosetta, Ruth, Ella
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