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Louisa Johanna (Lizzie) Grotelueschen was the fifth born child of Anna Cath-
erine and A. Johann Grotelueschen.  She was born on August 5, 1876, in the home-
stead log cabin of her parents near Columbus, Nebraska.  Her birth year was the
centennial year of the United States.
Lizzie was confirmed at Christ Lutheran
German School.  On March 18, 1902, Lizzie was
married to Wilhelm (Bill) Loseke at Christ Lu-
theran Church.  They lived on a farm 15 miles
northeast of Columbus, Nebraska, in a small,
three bedroom house  where all eight children
were born.  About one year after Ruth, their
youngest child, was born, they moved into the
new, big, white house that Bill built for his fam-
ily.  Bill had to get lumber and supplies from
Leigh, Nebraska to build this new house.  He
would have to load and transport these supplies
on his horse-drawn wagon or on a farm truck.
All 8 children went to Christ Lutheran
School.  The Loseke children would usually have
to walk the two miles by themselves, although
there were times when the neighborhood chil-
dren would walk with them.  In winter days when
there was a blizzard, Bill or one of the neighbors
would get the children with a horse and buggy
and bring them home from Christ Lutheran
Ruth recalled the year 1936 when the snows kept her out of school for three
weeks.  The roads and driveways had to be shoveled open by hand with snow shov-
els.  No trucks or snow plows were in operation at that time.  Sometimes the roads
would just get cleared when another blizzard would blow it all shut again.
Bill and Lizzie Grotelueschen Loseke
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