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Lena and Louis not only raised their 10 children but also would board any
children that attended Christ Lutheran German School and lived too far away to be
able to walk to school.  Lena would not turn away any child that needed a place to
Lena enjoyed raising her large family of 10.  She enjoyed her grandchildren
as much as her children.  She made every grandchild feel as though he or she were
her only grandchild, when in fact, she had many grandchildren.  The grandchildren
were always anxious to stay and play
with her; she always had time to play a
game with them.  Her favorite games
were dominoes and checkers.  She
would also take them on nature walks,
teaching them the names of plants as
they walked.  She liked to work jigsaw
puzzles with her grandchildren and
read books to them.  “Heidi” was her fa-
vorite book; she would read it over and
over to her grandchildren, a chapter at
a time, until they said, “we could see
the Swiss Alps and taste the goat
cheese…”  She was a natural teacher
and was known to teach her grandchil-
dren numbers through the use of domi-
noes.  She would also use books and
newspapers to teach her grandchildren
how to read.
Lena knew how to enjoy her grandchildren.  She would make soap bubble
pipes from milk weed plants.  Her grandchildren report that she would also join
them in “playing house” by “preparing the food”.  They remember her preparing
“hot dogs”, which were thick green tomato worms served on a plate.
Enjoying a ride in the roadster
Back:  Paul and Eldon Loseke
Front:  Harold and Albert Loseke
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Loseke
Golden Anniversary-1945
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