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Lena was proud of her German heritage.  She subscribed to a German news-
paper and read it from cover to cover.  She would converse in German when her
grandchildren were around, so they would not be able to understand what she was
saying to their parents.  She maintained close communication with relatives in Ger-
many and sent many CARE packages to her relatives in Germany during and after
World War II.  She would tuck notes inside pockets and linings of clothing in the
CARE packages that she sent to them.
Lena was married at Christ Lutheran Church to Louis Loseke on May 22,
1895, in a double wedding ceremony with her brother, Louis Grotelueschen, and
his bride, Anna Ahrens.  Louis’ brother, August Loseke, and Lena’s sister, Louisa
(Lizzie) Loseke, were wedding attendants for Lena and Louis Loseke.  The double
wedding celebration was held at the home of A. Johann and Anna Grotelueschen,
Lena’s parents.  The Christ Lutheran Band was part of the wedding festivities and
can be seen in the accompanying picture.
Louis Loseke was born September 6, 1867, son of Henry Loseke Sr. and
Elizabeth Loseke.  He was born in a log house in Bismark Township.  Louis and
Lena were the parents of 7 sons and 3 daughters.
Lena Loseke loved to be outdoors, especially in her garden.  Her children re-
member her love for petunias and strawberries.  She could bend over in the garden
and, with her knees locked, was able to reach the ground with the palms of her
hands.  She could also be seen picking gooseberries, mulberries, and chokecher-
ries when they were ripe.  Lena ate “a lot” of chokecherries, including the stones,
because she said “they kept things rolling.”
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