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Adolph continued to farm actively on his 40 acres near Columbus until two
years before his death on March 28, 1961.  His daughter Elva and her family moved
into his home near Columbus at the time his wife Katie died.  Elva and her family
took care of Adolph, provided for his needs, and filled his home with love.  The farm
land near Columbus was sold to a developer and is now completely developed into
housing units.  As the artesian well water continues to spring up from the land, so
the spirit of Adolph flows through his descendants as they continue his spirit of in-
dustry, frugality, honesty, and Christian virtues.
written by Karen Grotelueschen Bauder, grand-daughter of Adolph Grotelueschen
with the help of:  Louise Grotelueschen Barjenbruch, daughter of Adolph
       Elva Grotelueschen Gruenhage, daughter of Adolph
       Dorothy Dirks Grotelueschen, wife of Adolph’s son, Harold           
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