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Another tragedy soon followed for Ad-
olph as his beloved Mathilda passed away fol-
lowing a miscarriage on the 12th of May, 1907. 
She left five children:  Arthur, Ernest, Paul,
Clara, and Elmer who were 9, 7, 5, 3, and 1, re-
spectively.  A new house that Adolph had built
for Mathilda was used for the first time at her
wake.  The family moved into the large white
frame house shortly after the funeral.  In 1911
Adolph remarried to Katharina (Katie) Finke. 
Katie had left Hude, Oldenburg, Germany, at
the age of 16 with her brother Henry and sister
Gesina.  Katie worked as a seamstress and
housekeeper for sev-
eral families in the Co-
lumbus area before
managing the house-
hold for Adolph and
then becoming his wife. 
Katie and Adolph had 5
children from this mar-
riage:  Harold, Louise,
Elva, Roland, and Nor-
Katie provided all 10 children with the affection and attention they needed. 
Katie was an expert seamstress, making her own patterns which she sewed for the
family.  Katie was able to knit scarves, sweaters, and mittens for her family.  The
family enjoyed helping her with the large garden she planted and tended each year. 
Katie, with the help of the children, preserved the garden produce, thereby supply-
ing them with all the fruits, vegetables, and preserves they needed for the winter. 
Her children remember her not only as a good cook, but also as an entertaining
Adolph and Katharina (Katie) Finke
Adolph Grotelueschen
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  Harold, Paul, Art,
  Ernest, Elmer
  Louise, Clara
  Norman, Katie, 
  Roland, Elva, Adolph
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