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Adolph continued farming with Ernst until 1929, when they dissolved their
partnership and Adolph bought a farm in Platte County near Shell Creek.  On April
2, 1929, he married Elsie Mueller.  They had no children.  They lived on the farm un-
til about 1959 when they retired and moved into Columbus, Nebraska.
Minna went to Wayne State College for one semester, taking courses in
home economics.  She returned home to help with family needs on the home place. 
On April 23, 1926, she married Karl Otte, a distant cousin who was a German immi-
grant, carpenter, and cabinet maker.  He built many houses in the area, including
the teacherage at Christ Lutheran.  In 1938, the family moved to Wayne, Nebraska. 
There he built many churches and later formed Otte Construction with three of his
sons.  Karl and Minna had 7 children.
Herman continued his education in Seward, Nebraska, at Concordia Teach-
ers College where he completed two years of high school and two years of college. 
He taught for three years in a parochial school in Indianapolis, Indiana.  He then
came back to Lincoln, Nebraska to get his Master’s Degree in education at the Uni-
versity of Nebraska.  He met his future wife, Louise Mitchell of Superior, Nebraska,
at Lincoln.  On April 5, 1931, they were married in Connecticut.  He went to Colum-
bia University to get his Ph.D. degree and also to teach Economic Geography.  Her-
man and Louise have one daughter, Caroline.
Anna went to Midland College in Fremont, Nebraska, and then to Sioux City,
Iowa, where she graduated from nursing college.  After graduation, she worked in
various hospitals until she returned to school in St. Paul, Minnesota, to further her
education.  After this she worked in larger hospitals, nursing for several years in
Hawaii.  When she returned to the states, she settled in Seattle, Washington.  There
she met and eventually married Henry Littlejohn on August 29, 1945.  Henry and
Anna had no children.
from left to right:
back row:       Ann, Martha, Louisa, Minna
front row:       Ernst, Adolf, Herman
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