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In March of 1892, Fritz purchased 80 acres of land from Levi and Lattie Guth-
rie.  It was located in Colfax County about 7 miles south of Leigh, Nebraska.  In
1894, he purchased an adjoining 80 acres from the Union Pacific railroad.  This
farm was the only home of Fritz and Ida and later became his son Ernst’s home.  To-
day, it is occupied by Ernst’s daughter Edna, her husband Hugo Inselman, and their
son Myron and family.
All of Fritz and Ida’s nine children were born in the farmhouse in Colfax
County.  Erna, the oldest, was born on March 31, 1892, the same year they moved
to the farm.  Erna died June 8, 1905, at the age of 13, cause unknown.
Ida had eight more children before her untimely death at the age of 39 years. 
She died on January 1, 1908, at the time of her ninth child’s birth.  This child, a girl,
was stillborn and was buried in her mother’s casket, cradled in her mother’s arms. 
The obituary in the German paper stated, “The large church could not hold all the
people at her funeral and 100 people had to find elsewhere to sit.  200 people fol-
lowed to the cemetery, which showed how much she was loved by all those who
came in contact with her.”
These were indeed hard times
for a family of young children to endure. 
Fritz raised the remaining children
alone with the help of the oldest girls,
Martha and Louise.  Through this ex-
perience they became efficient home-
makers, as well as excellent cooks and
Martha married Oscar Bakenhus
on June 17, 1915.  They farmed in Col-
fax County, about 7 miles southwest of
Leigh, Nebraska.  They had eight chil-
On June 14, 1917, Louise mar-
ried Ernst Korte, a farmer in Platte
County.  They lived about 10 miles north
of Columbus, Nebraska, in the Christ Lu-
theran area.  They spent their entire work-
ing years on the farm and had eight children.  One of the boys, Norman, is still living
on and operating this farm.
When Louise married, no one was left to cook for her family.  Ernst married
Anna Bakenhus on Oct. 25, 1917, and she took over the household duties.  Adolph
remained on the farm to help except for a brief period between 1917 and 1918
when he was serving in the army in a non-active duty role.  Ernst’s wife, Anna, was
an accomplished seamstress and did much of the sewing for the family.  She sewed
the confirmation dress for Anna, the youngest of Fritz and Ida’s children.  Ernst and
Anna had 4 daughters, all of whom live in the area near their birthplace.
from left to right:  Anna, Ernst, Fritz,
         Adolph, Martha, Minna, and Louise
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