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Ida, the second child of A. Johann (John) and Anna Catherine Loseke Grote-
lueschen, was born December 9, 1869, in the log cabin home of her parents in Bis-
mark Township, Platte County, Nebraska.  As there was no church established in
the area at that time, area residents had to wait until a traveling preacher was in
the area to preach and baptize infants.  It was on such an occasion that Ida was
baptized on June 6, 1870.  She received her education in School District #15 and
her Christian education at Christ Lutheran German School, which had been built
and organized in 1871.  She was confirmed in the Lutheran faith on March 18, 1883,
by Pastor Fisher.  Ida grew to young womanhood on the farm as she helped with
the many chores and duties in the busy household of her parent’s large family.  At
the age of 22 years she married Fritz Otte, a German immigrant.
Johann Ludwig Freidrich Otte, known in America only as Fritz, was born on
January 14, 1858, in the Tholsted area of Wildeshausen, Germany.  He was con-
firmed in the Lutheran faith in April of 1872 in the church in Grossenknetten, Ger-
many.  When he was 20 years old, he entered the service of his country, serving as
a musketeer in Regiment Number 91 from November 5, 1878, until September 17,
1880.  In the early part of 1884 he decided to leave his homeland in Germany and
come to America, but because he
was in the army, he had to apply for a
release from his country.  He re-
ceived this release in April of 1884, at
which time he sailed for America, set-
tling in Columbus, Nebraska.  When
Fritz arrived in New York City he said
he walked across the Brooklyn
Bridge, which had just been built
shortly before he arrived in America.
Fritz applied for and received
his citizenship papers soon after set-
tling in Columbus, Nebraska.  He was
a cabinet maker and carpenter while
living in Columbus.
On May 21, 1891, Ida Grote-
lueschen and Fritz Otte were married
in Christ Lutheran Church.  They
were lifelong members of Christ Lu-
theran and had all of their children
baptized and confirmed there.  Fritz
served his church well, being an elder
and secretary for many years.  He
was on the building committee for the
new church built in 1920.
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