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1936 saw the end of the
Louis era in the farm equipment
business.  His sons, Carl and Ted,
purchased the business from him. 
Louis lost interest in the farm
equipment business because he
found it hard to sell tractors. 
Even though tractors were be-
coming more popular, Louis just
didn’t feel they should replace
the horse.  In 1940, Ted bought
his brother Carl’s half-interest in
the business, and replaced the
existing building with a brick
building.  This building was com-
pleted in 1941.
Louis Grotelueschen had a
modest and unassuming de-
meanor.  He was a self-made
American and a friend of the
poor.  He was charitable to his
neighbors and active in public,
private, and church endeavors. 
He donated the land for the Lu-
theran church in Audubon that
has continued as an active con-
gregation to this day.  During the
depression Louis was an officer
and stockholder in two banks
(Gray, IA, and Hamlin, IA) that
were closed by President Roose-
velt.  Louis made certain that all
the bank depositors were com-
The morning
after the fire.
Feb. 7, 1922
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