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Louis Grotelueschen was born on April 29, 1868, in Platte County, Nebraska,
the first born son of A. Johann and Anna Loseke Grotelueschen.  Louis lived at
home until he went to a business college in Sioux City, Iowa.  Shortly after returning
home from his business college courses, he left Nebraska and came to Audubon
County, Iowa, locating at Gray, Iowa.  He was the only child of A. Johann and
Anna’s 10 surviving children to leave Platte County for the rest of his adult life.
Louis left Nebraska in 1894 and located in
Gray, Iowa, where he engaged in the hardware busi-
ness.  He was at first associated with A. F. Greenwalt,
who later because county auditor under the firm name of
Greenwalt & Grotelueschen.  Later the firm was known
as Grotelueschen & Newell.  In 1895 Louis added to his
business the selling of Studebaker Izzer Buggies.  Grote-
lueschen Hardware became the first business in Gray to
have a hand operated gas pump in front of the store.  Af-
ter 1910 the firm was known as L. Grotelueschen & Com-
pany, dealers in hardware and agricultural implements. 
For ten years Louis bought and shipped livestock in ad-
dition to his other business.  He had a well stocked store
at Gray and owned a tract of two hundred and forty
acres of land in Nebraska.  Louis was also connected
with the Farmers Exchange Bank three years and was
originally partner with Mr. Wiley.
On May 22, 1895, Louis Grote-
lueschen was married at Columbus, Ne-
braska, to Anna Ahrens, daughter of Edwin
and Anna (Loseke) Ahrens, natives of
Oldenburg, Germany.  Louis and Anna re-
turned to Gray immediately as someone
was waiting for him to return and repair a
1910 was a year of ups and downs
for Louis.  Louis fell from a windmill, land-
ing on both heels and breaking and splin-
tering both legs.  Doctors felt there was a
good chance he would never walk again,
but he came out of it very well and was
back on windmills within a week after the
casts were removed.
Louis sold his Gray business and all
his property in 1910 to a man named Coo-
per by trading for 240 acres of land nine
miles west of Central City, Nebraska.  Jack
Farmers Exchange Bank
Gray, IA
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