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In April of 1866, shortly after their wedding, they sailed on the steamship
Ericsson with 560 passengers aboard.  They were passengers #97 and #98 accord-
ing to the ship’s log recorded on micro-film in the public library in Fort Wayne, Indi-
ana.  The ship’s log is reproduced on the following page.  Listed below is some of
the pertinent information that can be seen on the ship’s log:
name of the steamship—Ericsson
captain’s name—A. B. Lowher
captain’s address—Bremen, Germany
place of arrival—Port of New York
date of arrival in New York—May 3, 1866
number of passengers (not shown) - 560
#97—Johann Grotelusche(n)
age—34 years, sex—male, occupation—farmer
country to which they belong—Oldenburg (a German province)
country in which they intend to become inhabitants—U.S.
part of the vessel occupied during voyage—Steerage
#98—Anna Cathe(rine) Loseke (her maiden name, so they must have
signed up for the trip before their marriage)
Age—17 years, sex—female
The remainder of Anna’s information is identical to Johann’s.
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