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The picture below, taken in the summer of 1959, shows all of A. Johann and
Anna Catherine’s children except Ida (who died in 1908 at the age of 39), Clara
(who died while an infant), and Louis (who was not present).  Standing from left to
right are Emil (age 80), Bertha (age 70), Adolph (age 88), Minna (age 68), and Otto
(age 78).  Seated from left to right are Louisa (age 83), Helena (age 86), and Rosa
(age 74).
Ten of A. Johann and Anna Catherine’s children are buried with them at
Christ Lutheran Cemetery.  Louis is buried in Iowa.
written by Karen Grotelueschen Bauder
based on:       a personal interview with Bertha Korte, daughter of A. Johann and  
Anna Catherine Loseke Grotelueschen, several years prior to 1985.
information by Edna Grotelueschen (grand-daughter of A. Johann and
Anna,  daughter of Emil Grotelueschen, their son)
“Ho! for America!, An Immigrant’s Tale”
by John Diedrich Dasenbrock,
R. L. Seeger, Printing, Inc., Baltimore, 1982.
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