Family Genealogy the Modern Way

Don Bauder

For Preview and Review

In 1985, the first edition of "One Big Family" was produced and was very favorably received by Grotelueschen family members and descendants.  In 1988, an update now referred to as the second edition was produced.  Since almost 15 more years have passed, it's time to update again.  So, it is a pleasure to announce that work has begun on the third edition.

Thanks to advances in technology (the internet wasn't even available to ordinary mortals like us back in 1985), I can use this web site to keep you up to date on the progress of work on the third edition.  I can also post pre-publication materials for your inspection, review, and comment.

I have posted a progress report on the project.  I've also posted the histories that will be included with each section.  All pictures have been rescanned to improve photo quality.  (See what you think!)  The text of the histories, for the most part, appears as it did in the 2nd edition.  Changes and updates are needed in the histories, especially the endings.  People mentioned in the last few paragraphs of each history have moved, passed away, etc.  I've used green text for parts of the histories that I have already changed, red text for parts that I think need updating.  Here's where you can help!  If you can help update these histories, contact me at the e-mail, mail, or phone shown at the bottom of this page.  Any help or comment is accepted--react to the format, photo's, etc., report typo's or incorrect grammar, suggest other parts that are out of date or no longer accurate, rewrite the outdated paragraphs….  All help is appreciated!

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